Safety is a critical element of man’s life. Only if feeling protected people get the opportunity to create, work, study and live. That is why Smart-Trade deems creation of a most favorable and safe living environment for the Bashkortostan residents one of its priority programs.

Actively advocating ideas of safety, we support arrangement of protective driving training courses in Nefteyugansk, Bashkortostan and Khanty-Mansiysk and promote raising the Ufa Territory population awareness of traffic regulations. Over 100 professional drivers have already familiarized themselves with safe driving principles and extended their theoretical knowledge of traffic regulations within the framework of such courses. The courses attendants took part in Best Driver competition wherein exercise performance skill, not driving speed, was the key criterion.

Smart-Trade has funded establishment of young traffic policemen teams under the settlement children institutions. It also covered arrangement of training sites at schools and kindergarten where children receive instruction in safe road behavior. An important milestone in our work with the younger generation was implementation of Altair program (jointly with the settlement educational institutions) in the course whereof we pursued the goal of reducing the number of administrative offences and traffic regulations violations involving children through students engagement in study of fundamentals of law and the acting legislation.

We pay special attention to safety of Ufa children living. Anxious about them, we have repaired fire alarm systems at school and the center for culture and leisure, having installed new fire-proof doors and assumed obligations to contribute to repairs of schools and other social institutions. We have constructed 11 playgrounds within the settlement territory which initiative not only enables children’s sporting activities but also serves to prevent accidents likely to occur when children play near roads or within non-enclosed sites.

Avoiding a trouble is better than dealing with its consequences. That is why we suggested undertaking an audit of the settlement jointly with the local administration to identify long-term plans for improvement of safety and accessibility of public premises and places especially for mobility-impaired citizens.